October 20, 2021

The NEW (Upgraded) Walther CCP M2

The Walther CCP (concealed carry pistol) is a sub-compact 9mm pistol with a single stack magazine that carries eight rounds. It has excellent ergonomics and shoots incredible all  while maintaining Walther’s standard of quality and reliability.

The Walther CCP was created to provide a softer shooting experience by using a gas-delayed blow-back system (soft-coil system) to drastically reduce felt recoil. This system also enables Walther to install a light recoil spring which allows the pistol’s slide to be easily manipulated when charging a round. The Walther CCP was marketed to female shooters, senior citizens and others who lack the needed hand strength to manually work the upper slide. It was a brilliant idea.

The problem was, the original Walther CCP required a proprietary tool (or key) to insert into the rear of the slide to disassemble the pistol. Many considered it a daunting task because it was time consuming, required practice and the key needed to be handy at all times.

On August 1st, Walther introduced an updated and easier to operate model called the CCP M2. The Walther CCP M2 revised the disassemble process, made it “tool-less” and much more user friendly. The pistol now can be manually disassembled in the matter of seconds (see video above). They also smoothed out the light trigger pull (5.5 lbs.) and added a striker fire indicator on the back of the slide for a visual cue that the slide has been charged. The eight round magazine (2 included), 3.5″ barrel, thumb safety and the 22.25 ounces unloaded weight. remain the same as the original.

At the range, the Walther PPS M2 was outstanding. The gas-delayed blow-back system was apparent with little recoil and muzzle rise. As the video demonstrates, I had no problem tagging my targets with the Walther CCP M2.

Many viewers wanted to see a side-by-side comparison with Walther’s other sub-compact single stack handgun, the Walther PPS M2, that uses the standard lock breach system. The video below compares both  handgun’s operating systems along with several other features as well as range shooting differences.

Check out the videos attached with this review and let us know your thoughts and opinions of the new Walther CCP M2. Are the upgrades that Walther made with the CCP M2 worthy of your consideration of this pistol?

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