October 19, 2021

The 15 Best Sub-Compact 9mm Handguns (with a double stack magazine)

In the last 10 years, we have seen incredible increases of Americans receiving their concealed carry permits. These are people who understand that the safety and protection of themselves and their family falls on them. As many in the media demonizes those who choose to carry a gun, it was recently reported that 17.25 million Americans have obtained their concealed carry permits. That large number doesn’t take into account that millions of Americans legally open carry a handgun which increases the overall number of people carrying a gun even further.

A question I often get is, what is the best handgun for concealed carry? Given that each handgun has different features and each shooter has individual shooting impressions, I cannot answer that question accurately. Handguns are not a “one size fits all” tool. Therefore, I decided to put together a compilation of 15 sub-compact handguns that I feel are pretty outstanding.


Although their are no industry standards that categorize a sub-compact handgun, for this review, I consider a barrel length around 3.5 inches sub-compact. Also, I am sticking with 9mm handguns due to the 9mm round being the most popular choice for concealed carry. Many popular 9mm handguns carry a single stack magazine because of their size, weight and ease of carry. The downside is, most 9mm single stack magazines carry between six and eight rounds. Many people feel that is not enough ammunition to carry on a daily basis. Therefore, for this review, I decided to feature 9mm handguns that hold a double stack magazine which commonly carries between 10 – 12 rounds.

The 15 handguns featured in this review have excellent reputations from established manufacturers. This is not a copy and paste compilation where the reviewer never even fired the gun.  Each handgun featured are models that I personally own or have reviewed and experienced at the shooting range.

Check out the video below and let us know your experiences of these 9mm handguns. Also, be sure to comment if you feel that I missed a model that should be on the list. If you enjoy reviews like this, follow Liberty First Foundation on Facebook to catch more firearm reviews and 2A issues from a variety of experienced authors. https://www.facebook.com/libertyfirstfoundation





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