October 19, 2021

Do NOT Do This at the Gun Store

Often times, what we think is “common sense” gun safety, others have a completely different idea of what that means. For example, when entering a gun store, there are certain procedures that should be followed to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. Safe gun handling is mandatory practice for all gun owners however this applies to a higher degree when handling a gun in public. Nobody should be put in danger’s way because some person is irresponsible when handling their firearm.

A gun store is a place for information and business. We want and need our local gun store to be profitable to stay in business and meet our guns, gear and ammo needs. Most people understand this and handle themselves in a professional manner. Personally, I have met some of the most knowledgeable and respectful people at my local gun store.

However, there is the “know it all” customer who enters the store to prove how knowledgeable they are. These are the type of people who butt into conversations, argue about which gun is the best and/or makes ridiculous trade or purchase offers. Worse yet, they whip out their gun and muzzle flash everyone in the store. I have seen, on more than a couple occasions, gun store workers on high alert due to an undisciplined customer.



When entering a gun store, my advice is for people to keep their ego in check, mind their business, conduct themselves in a professional manner and keep all guns cased and unloaded with the breech locked open. For guns that do not lock open, a chamber flag is a nice touch.

In the video below, I asked a couple gun store workers what upsets them the most about certain customers behavior. They make some good points that should serve a lesson to all of us who frequent gun stores. Watch the video and let us know your experiences at your local gun store.

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