October 19, 2021

Donate to help the Liberty First Foundation reach more people

A lot has been happening in the Liberty First Foundation and with the Religion of Arms.  As the Religion of Arms continues to grow on Facebook the organizers of that group and the Leadership team for The Liberty First Foundation have been hard at work on many other items.  We have dramatically expanded out content team and are working on producing videos in the near future to expand our content offerings.

To further the efficiency of our organization we have started the search for State Leaders to assist our efforts in the States they represent.  This will be continued as we will need many people to help lead the efforts in each of the States.  Thus far we have added several State leaders to our ranks and the names of these leaders will be released in future update.

Soon we will be setting up individual State pages for our members to join.  The State pages are to help our members to stay apprised of what is happening with-in their respective states.   This will include State events, rallies, and political actions to further the Second Amendment and to start changing the perceptions that people have about firearms and their owners.

As we continue to grow and move forward more updates will be released.  What we need more than anything is for our members to continue to help us in expanding our ranks.  The more members we have in our ranks the larger our voice will be when we are working to defend the Second Amendment.

As we start our activism we are starting to incur expenses.  These currently these expenses are being payed for out of pocket by the leadership team and they allow us to have our website and to help promote the Liberty First Foundation.  As we start to expand out reach and start conducting activities in each of the States these expenses will grow and that is where we need the help of our members.  We have set up a voluntary onetime donation link on our website for people to donate to help with the growth of this movement.

The minimum donation is $3.00 and there is no maximum limit.  The proceeds from these donations will help the Liberty First Foundation to file for Non-Profit status and allow for people donating to use their donations as a tax deduction.  By becoming a non-profit the Liberty First Foundation will be able to take addition steps in defending the Second Amendment.

If you would like to donate to the Liberty First Foundation you can do so at the following link https://ko-fi.com/libertyfirstfoundation.  At this time donations to the Liberty First Foundation are not tax deductible but will help the Liberty First Foundation to position itself so that future donations will be allowable as tax deductions.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the members of the Religion of Arms and the Liberty First Foundation.  With out your support and commitment to the Second Amendment none of this would be possible.

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