September 18, 2021

FNS-9c Initial Impressions

FN FNS-9c Initial Impressions

What are my initial impressions of the FN FNS-9c? Simply put…
I love it, I love it a lot, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Every time
I’ve held an FN made handgun its felt good and the quality has always been top notch. When it comes to the balance of the gun in the hand to the ergonomics, the FNS-9c definitely delivers.

Recently I had decided that it was time that I gave striker fired handguns
another go, partly due to my blog on if revolvers are outdated, and partially
because I wanted something that was a little lighter in the waistband for summer carry. The FNS-9c isn’t the lightest polymer subcompact on the market, but it is definitely significantly lighter than my CZ SP-01 Compact w/ a TLR-1 attached, and as such it has been a delight seeing how well it carries over the last couple of weeks. Weight aside, there are a lot of design features that I really enjoy about the FNS-9c, most of which I won’t be mentioning until I do the in-depth review of the handgun. So far I’ve put a couple hundred rounds through the FNS-9c and I can see where some people might have complaints about it.

So far I have fed it a handful of different ammo types, from FederalBrass/Aluminum, TulAmmo Steel, to 124gr and 147gr HSTs without any issues. I have to say that the FNS-9c’s grip texturing is fairly aggressive but it isn’t so aggressive that it hurts,however, your mileage may vary. While on the topic of texturing, I want to bring up the slide serrations. Out of all the handguns I’ve gotten to play with I have to give this little bugger the credit of having some of the best slide serrations that I’ve come across.

The FNS-9c is also a softer shooter than I thought it would be when taking into consideration its size/frame material…this may be due to the recoil system that I will be diving into more during the full length review. The trigger on the FNS-9c is rated to be between 5lbs and 7lbs, that said it feels to be a good bit lighter, or at the very least a lot nicer than some other triggers that I have played with. If you aren’t used to a semi-heavy trigger pull, it will take some time to get used to, but I do think that it is worth growing accustomed to at this time.

My biggest gripe about the FNS-9c so far would be the grip sleeves for the extended mags and the backstraps. I typically use the smallest backstrap option so that I can get a tighter purchase on the pistol I’m using, so this isn’t an issue that will affect me; but it might affect you. In my use, using the larger of the two back straps (you get two in the box) makes it very uncomfortable to shoot with the grip sleeves on the 17rd magazines. I guess it isn’t as uncomfortable as it is awkward… I imagine I could get used to it after a little bit of time, but as things stand it was resulting in some pulled shots.

As things stand though, if you haven’t gone to checkout any of FN’s handguns, I highly recommend that you hit your LGS and do so.  As always everyone, thanks for reading, and keep things practical out there!

Here’s a link to the specific model: FNS-9c w/Factory Night Sights

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