October 19, 2021

Another July 4th in Chicago goes unspoken by national media and anti-2nd Amendment politicians

By Michael “Vass” Vasquez

Once again July 4th has come and gone and in Chicago the celebration ended with violence and death. Not that the general public would know as the cone of silence over discussion about this City on a national level continues to be in effect.

If it were not for the obvious and persistent unofficial blackout of news on homicides, especially related to illegal firearm use, then the general public might be aware that 1,433 people were shot in Chicago so far this year. Over 246 murdered. That includes 23 shot and 4 killed this past weekend.

Considering the extreme views of those seeking to remove the 2nd Amendment, and severely limit all ownership until removal, the silence on these top national empirical facts would seem strange… until one considers the fact that virtually all the proposed gun control measures demanded by Dems exist in this City and the State of Illinois.

It is almost unasked of Dem leaders, like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer or Danny Davis who represents Illinois, why the extreme measures taken to restrict the 2nd Amendment have failed. In fact, it can be argued that as restrictions on law abiding citizens have gotten more severe, illegal gun violence has increased. That includes County-wide restrictions on number of purchases, requirements on storage (though how that is enforced is questionable), requirement for approval of certain sales, so called “assault weapon” bans, and more.

Even so, since inception of several of these laws in 2013, shootings have climbed from 1,334 in 2012 to the current peak record of 3,550 incidents in 2016. This continued record level of violence is now leading to the latest fad of restrictive legislation – Red Flag legislation. Already passing the State Assembly, a Bill (SB3591) now sits with the State Senate. Whether this denial of Due Process will help is at the least questionable.

But the question remains, why does the national public remain in the dark? Why do the same Dem leaders that demand firearm restrictions actively avoid the result of such restrictions in Chicago?

Perhaps the bigger question should be, if the empirical data is correct in indicating the restriction is not a solution to the core question of what causes gun violence, what is the core question to address?







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