October 19, 2021

Political Change not a Revolution

As I research information pertaining to the Second Amendment and strategies that are working in some places and in other places where it doesn’t seem like anything will work to change the opinion of some people I am very disturbed by some of the comments and posts that I see.  I see comments calling for a revolution or calling for harm to this elected official or that one.  I see these comments coming from both sides of the argument and it is very disturbing to me.

Battle_of_Lexington,_1775The problem with war any war is that when the last shot is fired and the smoke clears the world is forever changed.  It will never be the same as it was before the actions that lead to war.  The countries involved are forever changed and the people are changed.

I sincerely hope this country never experiences another revolutionary or civil war.  If we ever do this country will never be the same and the damage that is done maybe irreversible.  We look back through history and we see patriots and we are humbled by their actions.  We see them as heroes and in some aspects idolize them for their contributions to this nation.  But how many of us wonder what it was really like for these patriots when they were making their stand?

battleoffredericksburg_destructionLater in our history we had another war the pitted countryman against countryman.  The Civil War was a blemish on this country that changed it forever.  Yes, some good came as a result of that war but again our nation was forever changed.  Was our country better off than it was before the first shot was fired?  Some would argue that it was while others argue that the damage from the Civil War has caused us to lose sight of what this country stood for.

The fact is both the Revolution and the Civil War forever changed this country and some of the wounds left in their wake have never healed.  If we do experience another Revolution or Civil War the resulting damage would leave this country changed in ways that we cannot foresee.  While some good may come as a result of this type of action the possibility of the damage being so severe that the country can never recover is all too real.dead-soldier-antietam

The Liberty First Foundation was founded so that we can effect change without resulting to actions that this country may never recover from.  We look for a political solution through education and holding our elected officials accountable to the oaths that they took when they took office.  How are we able to change opinion of the Second Amendment or gun ownership when we alienate people that have differing opinions?

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