October 19, 2021

What is the Liberty First Foundation?

The Liberty First Foundation grew from a Facebook group named Religion of Arms. Under the leadership of founder Austin von Religion of Arms has grown to over 10,000 members and is starting to gain recognition as defenders of the Second Amendment and people’s right to self-protection.

The Liberty First Foundation

Effecting policies locally to enact change globally

The Liberty First Foundation
Effecting policies locally to enact change globally

Today the Second Amendment is under attack from people that do not understand what it means and what it stands for.  Most of these people are attacking it because they are afraid. Recent events has caused this fear.  In an effort to distill some of this fear Austin von was talking with some buddies and they said that a group should be started on Facebook.  Austin took what started off as kind of a joke and ran with it and started a Facebook group called Religion of Arms.  The Facebook group started as most groups do with a few followers joining then something happened and soon there was 200 followers then 500 then 1000.  It was then that Austin realized what he started had the potential to become a movement for the Second Amendment.

As the number of members continued to grow Austin started to build a team of leaders to help manage this group.  These people started helping Austin to grow the group and build the membership.  As the group continued to grow the attacks on the Second Amendment was really starting to heat up.  Austin, seeing how rapidly the group was growing and how active the members of Religion of Arms were, decided that he would start a mission to take this group and turn it in to a force to defend the Second Amendment.

Austin continued to build his leadership team and started working with the members of the leadership team outside of the Facebook group.  While working with this team it was thought that the current means of defending the Second Amendment was not changing the preconceive notions many people had about the Second Amendment and with firearms.  This team know in order to have an impact the strategies had to change.  A thought was brought up that maybe instead of trying to change these views from the top down that maybe the group should focus their efforts locally.

As this idea started to take shape a new Facebook page was started Liberty First Foundation and a team of writers for the page was started.  This team of writers started writing articles that supported the Second Amendment to help in recruiting new members to the Religion at Arms group.

While the team of writers were being assembled the leadership team continued to work to further develop the plan to continue to build what had been started.  While working on this and in less than 2 months the membership of Religion of Arms had grown to over 10,000 members and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

With the success of Religion of Arms the leaders started to reach out to other groups that were supporting the Second Amendment and firearm ownership.  One of these groups was Glock Nation and they were interested in working with Austin and the group Religion of Arms

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